It’s been a long time since I have contributed to my blog. I guess it’s because I have sort of felt lost in where I wanted to take my career and what was important to me. During my studies I found a passion for marketing. I loved every aspect of it.. the creativity.. all the different areas where you can apply what you have learned.. the countless brands, companies, and people to work with.. But as I was experiencing a growing passion for marketing, I felt an inner struggle with where I wanted to apply that passion. That inner struggle started with the first sustainability class I enrolled in and continued to grow with each additional class I took to get my certification in sustainability.  The struggle really came down to the fact that I knew I couldn’t contribute to the endless cycle of consumerism if I truly wanted to find what I loved to do.

So, there I was about to graduate and deciding not to go into the corporate world, not to become the marketer I thought I was aspiring to be during my studies. It was all a very eye-awakening experience because I had finally taken a step back and asked myself what was important to me. I said what is it that I want to do? And all that came to me, all that has ever come to me, was that I wanted to help people. I wanted to make a positive impact on the world we live in. I truly wanted to “be the change you wish to see in the world” as Gandhi once said.

I looked at my life and really felt grateful for every experience and every opportunity that presented itself to me because it all shaped and continues to shape who I am. During my last semester of school I got to work for my business school’s marketing department. I was fortunate enough to work around individuals who were both motivating and inspiring. I got the opportunity to delve into the business world and research so many different industries and industry leaders. During this time I became familiar with an amazing organization: Change Heroes. (Change Heroes is a non-profit organization that works as an online platform for people like you and I to raise money within our network of friends and family to build schools in developing countries.. truly amazing stuff).  Not only did I become familiar with this organization, but I got to meet the founder and the team. I had never felt so inspired and driven to follow my dream of helping people. It gave me true goose bumps and really moved me.

Now I am beyond ready to combine my passion for marketing with my passion to help people. I am excited, full of joy, and full of gratitude to start my journey. The only thing I want to say is thank you to everyone who has come in or out of my life and thank-you for everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen. It all has helped me find this moment in my life.

Let’s do this thing.