Apple announced its annual one-day sale for hot ticket items. These items include MacBooks, iPads, iPods, and iPhones. But what is the true reason for this sale? Is it a bargain for consumers or just another traffic booster for storefronts?

In a recent article in Forbes, the author highlights past sales and mentions that Apple’s deals are very modest in comparison to the “Big Box” stores, like Best Buy. But year after year, Apple has experienced line-ups at its store and a whopping number of sales.

I personally have never lined up at a store for a deal because I simply do not have the patience to do so. But, countless numbers of shoppers do. Malls fill up and parking lots are unbearable. The power of Black Friday is endless.

Marketers really hit it big during this time. Apple, for example, experiences steady and growing sales throughout the year. The demand for its products is truly high. At this time of the year, the company markets a sale that isn’t as good as other stores but still experiences a large volume of customers. One could ask, Why?

The intensity behind this shopping phenomenon lies within its brand. Apple has built an impeccable reputation around its brand. It is reliable and it is constantly pushing the envelope with its new technology. Christmas morning joy is spread all around the world with new Apple products being shown on every social media channel available. The message sent isn’t about how each family got the best deal, but how they were able to give a sought after gift.

Though Apple may not need this awareness via social media, it makes me wonder how many people plan ahead one year to stand in front of an Apple store, so that their families and loved ones can spread their own Apple joy on Christmas morning. The force of social media coupled with a powerful brand is a pairing that can really transform a company’s sales.