When looking further into the analytical side of online marketing, I began to question where would I start? How would I choose the right metrics to use or what approach for digital marketing is the best one for a potential client?

As I started doing some research, I came across another one of my favorite bloggers, Avinash Kaushik. My e-Marketing professor, Paul Cubbon, first introduced me to his work in class. In this particular blog that I found, Avinash takes the reader through a Web Analytics Consulting process. He stresses the importance of building frameworks to encourage thinking and brainstorming.

By building frameworks and models, one is THEN able to build digital marketing campaigns. But before all of that, Avinash recommended using a simple framework to begin and recognize what the client really wants to get done. He split the framework into three categories and pointed out what would be expected within each:

Data Capture

  • Do an Audit and/or update data capture mechanisms
  • Javascript tag implementation
  • Capturing internal site search data (Google Analytics) and/or setting up goals and goal values for the company
  • Job for an Implementation Specialist

Data Reporting

  • Reporting on paid search performance
  • Access to SiteCatalyst of CoreMetrics
  • May be in charge of doing the company’s analytics via Nextanalytics 

Data Analysis

  • Analyze what to measure, what the data is saying, and what the next step should be.
  • Create own models and frameworks
  • Create custom reports
  • True Web Analyst and experienced!

Here is a picture, courtesy of Avinash’s blog, that depicts the 3 categories in a potential contract setting. 


One must really ask the client what they want to accomplish within each of these categories to decide whether or not your skillset matches what the contract requires. If the contract is right up your alley, you can begin to build an appropriate framework to help launch a digital marketing campaign.

To tie it all together, you can’t start out by asking yourself what metrics do I use? What strategy do I use? It is all about knowing what the client wants from you and then structuring a model around that. By building frameworks and models, you can structure your thinking around the real purpose of a campaign and align it with the ultimate goals of the company.

Two frameworks that Avinash built are the Digital Marketing & Measurement Model and the Clear Line of Sight Model. They can be viewed and shared by clicking on the links.