When I came to class on the first day, I did not know what to expect. I had met with the Senior Vice President of Blast Radius just months prior. He had encouraged me to take a course in e-Marketing and really delve into this new type of marketing, which he referred to as our future. I had prior experience in Brand Management and in Event Marketing, but never in the digital side. I was really excited to broaden my horizons.

One of the most important take-aways I will take with me is that our world is changing. The way we communicate, the way we connect, the way we go about our daily lives is changing. Technology is evolving and we are at the cusp of it. We are in a position to learn with the changes and take advantage of the great opportunities that come our way. According to Neilsen, 22.5% of our time online is spent communicating and making connections with other people, companies, and brands online.

Brian Solis  blogged about this change and posted this remarkable picture about how Facebook has evolved:


This evolution of online activity reaches people from different age demographics! It is the platform for our future. Things like shopping have become so simplistic. Seeing where your friends and family are spending their time and money is a click away! Seeing what the trending hot-ticket-items are available at a daily rate via your own email account!

So what does this all mean? It means that companies can track all of this information too. They can leverage all of their traffic online using different metrics, such as conversion rates. This can help them build campaigns, strengthen what is working for them and eliminate what is not. The online community is powerful and influential! To ignore it, is to walk along the plank. To embrace it, is to open a new world of learning and connecting!

This course has taught me to embrace this change and has given me the building blocks to ignite my own learning process in this industry.