In class, we watched “The Break Up” video that represented how consumers are changing but the way some companies are interacting with consumers hasn’t. The video depicts the traditional ‘one-way’ communication a lot of companies have used in the marketing approach. More importantly, it shows how the consumer is no longer happy with this approach.

Well thanks to social media, one-way communication channels have opened to two-way customer interaction. Brian Solis recently blogged about how customers are using social networks for customer service. In his blog , Solis goes on to say that social media is part of the consumer’s everyday lifestyle. The ‘connected consumer’ now has an expectation to have their problems resolved quicker. As a result, companies have responded with an increased customer service presence via social media networks.

In order to effectively connect with the online consuners, companies need to hire teams to listen to the activity surrounding their brand and products. They need to learn how to respond to relative problems and implement a plan to deal with them. And finally the teams need to adapt to the information they receive (good or bad) about their products or services. The ‘connected consumer’ is really changing the way companies respond.

This blog post hit home. My friend always turns to social media as the first reaction to a negative or positive experience with a product. In one example, he had received a Swarovski wallet with a minor chip in one of the black diamonds. After several trips to retail locations and a handful of bad experiences, Adam went to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction. He tweeted at the company and had said how upset he was with a brand he had held to a higher standard than he had personally experienced. He went on to tell his 600 Twitter followers never to buy from Swarovski because their customer service was horrible. Later that week, Adam got a direct message with contact information to the regional director of the Chicago-land stores. Long story short, because he reached out to the company via social media, the company responded right away and was able to eventually solve the problem with a full refund and a new wallet.

This was a perfect example of how a company dealt with a problem that was made apparent on a social media channel.