If so, you should ask yourself: What is SEO??

In the most basic terms, Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the ranking of a website in search engines by increasing its traffic.

I recently read an article in Forbes that listed 6 basic components of a strong SEO strategy. Here they are:

1. Keywords

  • These are the words that people are using to search for a particular brand, company or product. In order to be successful, companies need to understand their target and how people are searching for their products. Google Adwords is a tool that helps companies choose the keywords they want to show up with. The Adwords keyword tool shows companies how competitive certain keywords are. This is very beneficial when a company doesn’t know which keywords they should spend their money on.

2. Mega Tags

  • Tags just simply get highlighted in the title and description of company websites according to what is searched. This can be kept in mind when choosing keywords.

3. Content

  • Like I had stated in my previous post, content is so important. Companies may have a strong presence in retail locations or even just a local presence, but that wont resonate online unless the content is there.

4. Backlinks

  • This is how social media can play a key role in increasing traffic. A company  that broadcasts its brand across several platforms and then links each platform back to their website builds traffic! Blogs, tweets, Facebook updates, press releases and so many more platforms can be utilized and backlinked!

5. Social Media

  • Social media not only will help with back links but it will help in awareness. The internet interconnects people from all over the world and builds a community. If a company builds a strong community around their brand and gives its members platforms to talk, connect, and get involved, their website will be in the forefront.

6. Product Images

  •  People LOVE visual items. Pictures and videos are liked and shared all over the internet. Providing good images and media sources will promote a positive image in consumers’ minds.

These six components can really help a company but it is really important to keep in mind that technology is continuously changing! It’s important to be flexible and willing to curve with changes.