Isn’t that what you think of when someone says anything about searching the web? It just seems to me that the web is truly infinite. Where does it end? Where does it even begin? That, in fact, is the most amazing aspect about the web: there is no concrete starting and ending point. You make your own start every time you begin a search and you create your own end every time you leave the web. And then it starts all over again, a continuous cycle.

So how does an Internet search begin? With an idea. 

Ideas can be infectious, rewarding, crazy, dumb, inspirational, or even dangerous. But it all starts with an idea. A random thought or a calculated move. Regardless how it came about, the idea needs ammo. In other words, it needs backup, a way to research, or just a justification that it exists or can exist. So the reason for a search emerges.

Now the easy part..  conducting a search. Traditional search methods involved a trip to the library and physically looking for information. Nowadays, getting up from the couch isn’t even necessary. All one needs is a means to get to the Internet. With that, people can choose between search engines to get the information they need. Popular engines include.. GoogleBing, and Yahoo Search. Google has gained the reputation to be the place to go to find anything you need. The phrase “google it” is heard when someone doesn’t know the answer to a question.

The difficult part about online searches is sorting through the “garbage”. Anyone can put anything they like on the web and claim it is credible. Google has done a good job of making things organized and tailored to the specific search a person may be doing. There are options to do image, video, books, news, maps, scholar paper, and even blog searches.

Online searches may seem simple but they do require a lot of research, sifting through bad information, and time to find reliable and credible information. But after all of that is said and done, being able to search the web is truly a beautiful thing. I mean if I can be one click away from seeing the latest picture of my celebrity babes, I’m a happy girl. 😉