It looks like Volkswagen is redesigning its branding to become the leading automaker in ecological terms!

The company has announced a new green commitment and an investment of about $82.1 billion. Their program will run for the next five years and money will be spent on more efficient vehicles, powertrains and technologies, and environmentally compatible production. Volkswagen also aims to drop its average emissions from new vehicles to 120 grams Co2/km by 2015. (From its current 135.5 g/km)

Their new attempts for this green reputation came about after being targeting by Greenpeace over its lobbying against cuts to EU emissions targets.

The company has also set a goal to reduce emissions from production processes and plants. Its investment of about $790 million is meant for the expansion of renewable energies like wind, solar, and hydroelectric power. Manufacturing plants are also set to reduce water and energy consumption.

Volkswagen is clearly aiming to raise the bar when it comes to sustainability within its own company. They are taking steps to introduce their company and brand as sustainable and responsible.

We talked about how sustainability can offer cost savings benefits for companies in the long run. But, more importantly it can offer companies a competitive advantage! I believe that Volkswagen will have a clear advantage over its competitors by taking this initiative to invest in a more sustainable future for its company. Sustainable measures help decrease costs, increase revenue, and decrease employee turnover.

Volkswagen is really proving that sustainability is the future and companies really need to get with the program.