What Is It: Huge trash dump in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!

Who Caused It: Humans

Why Should We Care: Its killing life!

How Can We Help: Reduce Reuse Recycle!!

What if I told you the largest concentration of waste is not in a landfill, but floating in the middle of the ocean? Would you believe me? I bet those who have never heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch would have never imagined such a thing to exist! Well, let me tell all of you, IT EXISTS!

The Great Pacific Garbage patch is estimated to be twice the size of Texas and is comprised of two separate vortexes: Eastern and Western garbage patches. It is made of 90% plastic. That is so mind-boggling. Every bit of plastic that has ever been made still exists and it seems that most of it ends up in the middle of our ocean. This is just awful.

Think about the poor birds, animals, and fish that are affected. It is said that the ratio of plastic to plankton is 6:1. So many of these creatures are found dead with plastic in their bellies! The thought of it makes my heart hurt, as I am such an animal and ocean lover.

The worst part about all of this, is that it is our fault! All of this trash comes from human made products. Americans alone use up 30% of world’s resources and account for 30% of the waste, but only make up 5% of the world’s population. We are simply at an age where we consume and throw away too much!!

And who suffers? The environment and natural habitats around us! So what can we do to help stop this? Reduce Reuse and Recycle! Everyone needs to be aware of this problem and reduce his or her consumption of plastic. We are also entering into an age of Reuse! We can turn the plastic that we use into materials that can be put right back into the industrial cycle. This will help reduce the amount that is simply just thrown away.  Finally, we need to accept responsibility for our actions and make the efforts to dispose of our trash properly. Recycling plastics and other materials can really help ensure that our waste ends up in the right places and not out in the ocean. Today Americans generate about 10.5 billion tons of plastic waste per year but only recycle about 1 to 2% of it.

If everyone takes responsibly to make a change and take steps to becoming more sustainable, problems like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch can be reduced.