Ah, yes those scary words: Climate Change. There are many people still out there who do not believe that our climate is changing. Well, this is what I would like to say to those people, Wake Up. The fact of the matter is that our generation is burning fossil fuels that put Co2 in the air at faster rates than ever before. About 98% of the Co2 buildup in our atmosphere, which causes the greenhouse effect, is caused by man. It’s up to mankind to do something about it!

So okay, we know the climate is in fact changing, we can see it from the different yearly patterns and crazy storms that have occurred all over the world.  We also know that there is a massive buildup of Co2 in the atmosphere. The problem is that we don’t really know the exact effect one has on the other. But, we can’t just sit around and pretend it isn’t happening while we wait to see what happens.

I came across this great article in greenbiz.com about three companies that are trying to do something about the Co2 build up in the atmosphere. They are actually building machines and sucking the Co2 out of the air! Kilimanjaro Energy, Global Thermostat, and Carbon Engineering are the mentioned companies.

Carbon Engineering’s patented technology captures atmospheric carbon dioxide and produces pure Co2.. The air contractor can capture industrial-scale quantities of Co2 while using a cost-effective device and minimal land use requirements. Even the reactant used in the air contractor is non-toxic and does not harm the atmosphere. The Co2 is then moved through the regeneration cycle. Here pure Co2 is released as a gas and the remaining solids are used to make the hydroxide solution, which is used in the air contractor to capture more Co2.  The pure Co2 can be used in industrial applications or stored deep underground. It is an ongoing cycle that is an advanced tool for managing the buildup of Co2 in our atmosphere!

The “air capture” technology requires an energy source like natural gas, concentrated solar power, or nuclear heat. Carbon Engineering hopes to fully integrate solar energy or nuclear energy into its air capture system in the long run. The pure Co2 partnered with hydrogen can produce carbon-neutral hydrocarbon fuels! Gasoline, jet-fuel, or diesel can be made from carbon originating from the atmosphere and not from the earth’s crust. This technology is truly great and can have a very positive impact on the environment and our sustainable future!