Just want to start out by saying I am IN LOVE with Paul McDonald. His voice, his style, and that damn smile, it all gets me every time! But isn’t that what American Idol is about? Connecting with America’s audience and getting you hooked on your favorite contestant? Of course that is what Idol tries to do each season. It’s all about that emotional appeal and having each little girl melt in front of her TV every time her babe sings (maybe not so much a little girl).  😉

This season is no different. The producers have effectively promoted American Idol perfectly into a model we talked about in class. THE AIDA MODEL. The whole show is a constant promotion of each of the contestants, judges, and the competition to keep viewers interested. AIDA has 4 components: Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action.


Idol has had a head start this season, they added two new judges to the line up. And not just any old boring judges… Jennifer Lopez and Mr. Steven Tyler himself signed on to do the show. The buzz and whispers about the show started months and months before the auditions even came rolling into the cities of the United States! People said that they couldn’t imagine a show without Simon or Paula and that in itself created the awareness Idol needed.


So after creating attention for the show, how are the producers going to interest viewers to actually watch the show? If Jenny from the Block can’t do it, then the crazy auditions will just have to do. Each season, the audition process is the part that gets viewers interested. It is filled with entertainment, crazy people, and drama. The tears, blood, and hunger these contestants have to win keeps the adrenaline pumping for those watching. This is the time where viewers may scope out potential favorites and it’s a chance to really get to know the judges! During this new season it was our first glimpse of Jennifer Lopez’s fabulous style. I still can’t wait to see what she decides to wear each week.


Oh desire, I’ll let this one speak for itself. Well maybe I’ll refer back to Paul McDonald J. This is where producers shine a light on the personalities of the individual contestants. Their hometowns, loved ones, and lives are unfolded each week through various interviews and video recordings. Viewers get to watch as their favorites climb to the top or slip to the bottom with each perforance. Either way, it inflicts a sense of care and desire to see the contestant win.


Call to action is huge with American Idol. After each performance the audience is reminded of the various ways that they can vote for their favorite performance. . (VOTE for Paul J)

American Idol has transformed itself this season and the competition is fierce. Through its successful promotions the viewer ratings are higher than ever! And just as I suspected JLO’s fashion gets better each week too.