Okay so maybe I have Bieber Fever. And you know what I’m not embarrassed. I even ‘tweeted’ at Justin once (though no shout back) letting him know. I do have to admit it’s not really because I like his actual songs. I just like what Justin Bieber represents. He is showing people that with passion, commitment, and hard work you can accomplish your goals. This talented kid started with a dream and now is living it beyond anyone’s expectations.

17-year-old Justin Bieber has become more than just a music performer; he has become an image, a brand, and a way of life for a lot little girls out there. And who could blame him? That bowl-shaped haircut, cute face, and incredibly grounded personality can win anyone over ☺ So, why shouldn’t he ride his dream to the max? Why shouldn’t he strive for global domination? Just kidding, kind of. Everything Justin puts his name on turns to gold (or profits).

My fellow blogger Sandra Lee (SYML) definitely has expressed her love for Justin Bieber, but also has brought attention to the fact that his brand image has generated incredible brand loyalty. His fans will by anything Justin Bieber related. As she mentioned, Justin Co-Branded with OPI nail polish company and it was a hit. I think that was absolutely genius. Put that kid’s name on ANYTHING that ‘tween’ and teenage girls adore and it will sell. As Sandra mentioned Justin doesn’t even need to use the actual products, his brand awareness does the work for him.

Justin Bieber’s brand awareness goes beyond just the purchasing power for products with his name on it. People will simply bring attention to anything that either has his name on it, looks like him, or sounds like him. Perfect example is Dani Shay, a YouTube hit. This GIRL does an amazing cover of Eminem’s song, but it’s not just her voice that is getting attention, it’s also the fact that she LOOKS just like Justin Bieber! This just shows that even people can gain fame associating themselves with the Bieber Brand. Check her out and witness the power of the Biebs and the rapid popularity of a (Look-Alike?) unfold.
Warning: Video has some profanity as it is an Eminem song.