As I was flipping through channels, Victoria’s Secret new commercial came on and instead of automatically wanting everything they were advertising, I stopped and thought, who exactly are they targeting? Take a look.

The whole advertisement resonates with the rest of the advertisements Victoria’s Secret is known for. The gorgeous models, fantastic lingerie, and the sex appeal. But looking further into their techniques, it’s obvious they are using an emotional appeal to attract their consumers. 99% of the women who buy the items sold at the stores do not look like the models advertising them. So how is Victoria’s Secret making money? How is it that women still want to buy the bra on TV knowing she won’t look like Adrianna Lima wearing it?

The answer is simple. Victoria’s Secret uses their advertisements to give women a sense of empowerment, confidence, and that sex appeal. Every commercial has a seductive woman talking in the background, powerful music, intense transitions between takes, and gorgeous models seducing the camera. It’s all part of a bold move to involve the viewer. It makes the woman watching the commercial believe that she too can be gorgeous and look amazing in that. Women crave confidence, feeling sexy, and knowing they have a little secret… looking fantastic beneath all the clothes.

So back to my original question… who are the advertisements targeting? The target is definitely women in their 20’s to mid 30’s who can connect to the vibe of confidence and intensity the commercial is portraying. Women who want to treat themselves to great quality and exclusive lingerie only found at Victoria’s Secret. These women aren’t only looking to be sexy for someone else, but more importantly to really FEEL sexy for themselves.