Everywhere you turn someone is either on their IPhones or listening to music on their IPods. Walk by any classroom at Sauder and majority of the laptops are Apple MacBooks. Apple has really made all of their products so easy to use and have surpassed quality expectations in all of their devices. Why else would there be such a demand for an IPhone and intense competition among US cellphone companies?

In 2007 AT&T made an agreement with Apple to be the only company to sell the IPhone to consumers. Making AT&T an exclusive brand that provided this premium phone. Demands skyrocketed and as a result both Apple and AT&T profited.

Recently Verizon Wireless, the nation’s largest wireless operator scored a deal with Apple and sells the IPhone eliminating AT&T’s exclusivity.

To get back ahead AT&T just bought T-Mobile USA wireless operator and has now become the leading wireless operator in the nation.  This is a huge deal seeing that AT&T beat out Verizon. AT&T has changed its positioning from being an exclusive provider to now a leading provider. Their goal is to be the best and to have a larger customer base compared to their competitor. And guess what that means for Apple? Even more US IPhone customers!… Everyone wins!!Well maybe not Verizon. At least that short time at the top must have felt great.