Summer. So close, I can almost feel the sun hiding behind all those clouds. Oh Summer. A time for cold beers, swimsuits, and fun! And a great time for concerts! Already on my list are Rascal Flatts, Katy Perry, (Hopefully Michael Buble), and the highly anticipated return of the BACKSTREET BOYS! Yes I am a dork. But they are to me as Justin Bieber is to my 12-year-old neighbor. So, yes I have purchased tickets for their tour in Chicago this summer and it got me thinking about another pop legend I grew up listening to… Britney Spears.

For the record, I will still love her no matter what crazy outburst, “prescribed” medication”, or “haircut” she decides to do or take next. She has paved the way for Pop artists to do what they are doing today. She literally was the first one to take entertainment and music to a point we’re used to seeing everyday. So the question is how much would I pay to see her? How much should prices be for such an artist to make a return to the stage?



Pricing: one of the 4 P’s in the marketing mix, and probably the hardest to predict.
So as a consumer here is my criteria for pricing Britney Spears tickets:
Pop Legend (+)
In the business for 16 years( +)
Seeing her performance (+)
I’m a slave for you (+)
Used to date Justin Timberlake (+)
Listening to her great voice?(Lip Sync)( –)
Knowing she shaved her head? (–)
Mental Breakdown (–)
Drug Abuse (-)
Kevin Federline (-)
….BUT it’s Britney Spears!!

As much as I would love to see her up close and personal, the most I would pay to see her come back on stage and preform would have to be 150$ for really good seats. As you can imagine I was shocked to hear that the prices are $96-346 .50 per seat. I can’t really imagine many people paying $100 for bad “nosebleed” seats. I guess her pop status allows her to have tour prices that high..? We’ll see how well she does and how well the tour turns out. Goodluck Brit! Still love ya 🙂

PS: here’s a little sneak peak of what to expect from the tour :))