Yes ‘The Pouf” has power, well allegedly. For those who have no idea what I am talking about, turn on MTV at any time of the day and you will see it. Look in your local grocery store tabloids and you will find it. Late night talk show lovers, you’ll see it on Letterman. Wrestling fans, you can even see it preform a ‘Smack Down’. And most recently, college students.. it will give you words of Wisdom to live by. Okay, okay you still don’t know? Go to the New Jersey and you will see it EVERYWHERE.

“The Pouf” has been just another coined term from the Reality TV show “The Jersey Shore.” I’m not going to sit here and act like I haven’t watched it and I may or may not have had Shore nights with my friends…but it was all in good fun. And it was a genius idea that swept North America right off its chair. The Jersey Shore has become almost like a separate identity, one equipped with its own culture, gel, and spray tans. “GTL, fist pumps, and Guidos” are just a peak into the language. The makers of this show have realized the great potential and money that can and has been made.

The way that I see it is The Jersey Shore is like a manufacturer brand. The characters on the show are all different product lines. Each character (line) has its own brand image stemming from the umbrella of the Shore Brand. Confused? Its simple!

For instance: Nicole Polizzi AKA Snooki has developed her image through the show and uses her own brand name “Snooki” with her signature (logo) “The Pouf”.

Because of the sensation the show has caused, Snooki and fellow cast mates are getting paid for every appearance and promotion that they do.  They have been seen on advertisements and everyday commercials. They make money because they are part of a brand that has caught everyone’s attention and have extended its brand equity. Even if that attention isn’t for anything worthwhile or important, it’s simply for entertainment and something to laugh at.

So back to the original statement, YES ‘The Pouf” has power and it is all because of brand awareness!