Recently in class we have been talking about what influences consumer behavior and while most of us are still buying things because mom buys it, this new thing called technology has creeped into our generation. Technology has opened our eyes to aspects of advertising our parents couldn’t dream of as kids. We are not only targeted through commercials or store ads, but now social media has opened a new avenue of marketing. Twitter, Facebook and even blogs have gained so much popularity throughout recent years changing the way our generation works. It has connected people throughout the world, which has opened a path for marketers.

Marketers have been able to follow this generation’s ‘love of media’ trend. They have fully recognized that we are a generation that loves celebrities and athletes. This has sparked the popularity of reality TV. We love drama. We love to watch other people’s live unfold. And the crazier and more scandalous the show is, the higher the ratings.

So let’s think about that… In a generation where a lot of consumer behavior is shaped by social factors, are we getting the right image out there? Are these reality TV stars the right people to advertise our everyday products? Should they be a social reference group we look to when making a decision to buy?

Unfortunately, it’s been working. The success and fame that reality TV stars like Kim Kardashian and her sisters have gained through TV ratings and popularity through social media have landed them contracts with leading companies. Kim Kardashian is doing a SuperBowl commercial for Sketchers Shoe Company in this year’s SuperBowl. (SuperBowl=Advertiser’s Heaven) They have been photographed and tweeted and blogged about everywhere recently. Girls all over look up and follow these sisters and want to be just like them. To think that it all started with Kim’s imfamous sex tape…  I guess sex really does sell.

That’s just how it works. Reality TV has people hooked, word of mouth gets around and 15 seconds of fame sometimes turn into more than just seconds. We create the monster and marketers just keep that monster alive.