The countdown has reached 4 days. A rivalry building up since 1921 between two US national football teams for the NFC Championship Title is almost here. Chicago Bears VS Green Bay Packers. Two great teams, one shot to go the SuperBowl. As a Chicago native, I’m so pumped. Growing up in a city that is pushed and pulled according to how well their sports teams are doing, I am no stranger to that wave of excitement and marketing agencies are right along for the ride.

The rivalry between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers is nothing to joke around about.  It’s the
 most popular and oldest rivalry in the NFL history. Families and friends become enemies during these matchups. Life long Bears fans instill hatred for the Packers into their kids from birth. There is no just cause for it, it just simply is what it is. Fans fuel the fire and marketing agencies keep that fire going.  Shirts, signs, posters, and pretty much anything you can think of, has been used to advertise this rivalry. The only other time these teams have met for a title championship is in 1941. So if you can only imagine, the city is going crazy. Tickets for this game sold out in less than a minute.

What a perfect opportunity for advertising! With 4 days to go, there is Chicago Bears gear in every store. The market is so beyond just men(I’m a huge fan :)).  Maternity stores even carry Bears products! Every bar in the city will be playing “Bear down, Chicago Bears” this weekend and absolutely airing the game on Sunday. Alcohol revenues will sky rocket. Hotels all across the city have signs like “We Support DA BEARS” and will attract people to spend the night downtown. The loyalty and support for the Bears is targeted and fully taken advantage of by every advertising company out there and revenues coming in will hit all time highs.